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About Us

Laser education with you and your practice in mind

Laser dentistry is growing in acceptance and use. The Center for Dental Laser Education (CenterLaserEd.com) is designed to provide the most useful, essential knowledge necessary to successfully integrate dental lasers into your practice. No fluff, no hype -- just real techniques, solutions and daily practices that can ensure successful laser integration in your practice.

We want to help you incorporate laser dentistry into your practice - every day. Not just some of the time. All the time, with as many patients as possible.

Why Lasers?
Lasers in dentistry can be effectively used for a wide variety of common procedures, including cavity preparations, soft tissue surgeries, periodontal therapy, oral surgery, implants, desensitization, endodontics, and many more. It is becoming more and more apparent that the profession of dentistry is entering an era of true laser-assisted care.

Dr. Michael Koceja

Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin on July 3rd , 1960, Dr. Michael Koceja graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry in 1986. He then served for 8 years in the United States Navy, undergoing extensive training in all areas of Dentistry, including a year long Periodontal fellowship. Upon his departure from the Navy, he set up a successful practice in San Marcos, California.

Dr. Koceja has been actively involved in the use of lasers in Dentistry since 1999. He has lectured extensively on "General Dentist's incorporation of lasers in their practices." He received his laser certification in 2000, and has since achieved mastership level in the World Clinical Laser Institute. As one of the early users of the Waterlase laser, he is actively involved in the testing and development of new techniques to increase use and awareness of Dental lasers. Dr. Koceja has also tested various models of other lasers giving him true comparison of what lasers can and cannot do. He is actively involved in the W.C.L.I., including a position on the certification committee.

Dr. Koceja is presently practicing in Camas, Washington and has trained over 1000 dentists to use the Waterlase , the Waterlase MD, and Diode dental lasers. Some of the articles Dr Koceja has written include: "Lasers Helps Us Do Better Dentistry," "The Atraumatic Excision  And Ablation Of Mandibular Tori With The YSGG Laser" and "Dermatological Applications Of A Dental Laser Device In A General Practice."

Over the past 10 years Dr Koceja has lectured throughout the world on lasers and the incorporation of lasers into all aspects of Dental practice. He has taught Diode laser courses throught out the United States for the last 3 years , focusing on a practical approach to incorporating lasers into the Dental practice.